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It’s Not a Conspiracy if it Keeps Coming True

Episode 21 of Shooting The Shit at the Rogues Tavern Tavern Talk May-18-2021  Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us It's Not a Conspiracy if it Keeps Coming True  Theme for today's show is what will you need to survive the upcoming calamities.  The Storm is coming and you need to prepare for what it will bring. Solar storms, Colder Weather, The New Normal, Mandela Effect, Prepare for Your Future NOW As it was in the old west The Saloon/Tavern was the center of the community where everything got done. Episode 21 of Shooting The Shit at the Rogues Tavern
Tavern Talk May-18-2021
Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us
It's Not a Conspiracy if it Keeps Coming True
Theme for today's show is what will you need to survive the upcoming calamities.
The Storm is coming and you need to prepare for what it will bring. Solar storms, Colder Weather, The New Normal, Mandela Effect, Prepare for Your Future NOW
As it was in the old west The Saloon/Tavern was the center of the community where everything got done.
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Show covers #currentevents all types of #homesteading from cooking to urban farming and gardening. We will be talking about the future of what The Rogues Tavern is and will become. We will be talking about cooking recipes what will be available at website and more..
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Our agenda is to talk about about how to protect you and yours in the coming years of trial that we are faced with.  You can read all the complete show notes at The Rogues Tavern and they include all the links we talk about during the show and more.
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I want to acknowledge The No Agenda Show the providers of inspiration and stolen sound clips .
Building a #UrbanForrest, Getting out camping, #Hunting trips to the Range and coming home to the city is what I do right now as I plan and create my future. Join me for the Journey into the unknown.
This is a journey I have been on for a while and I feel I need to share it in the hope that others will find some wisdom.
Time for the Spirituality
What if the Bible is not just a history but a warning of the cycles of the planet and since we are living in the conjunction of multiple cycles coming together all at once it is full of warnings.
We got our last episode blocked in North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba due to a song on one of the tick toc videos
Today's reading is from Special reading from  Hebrews 10 v 15 – 28
Todays special video
Hike Club for Men
Notes and links Primary show topic
Home Preps, Cooking, recipes
50 High Value Items To Stockpile For When SHTF
Why Doesn’t The Government Want You To Be More Independent
12 Deadly Mistakes That Preppers Make In These Times
10 Most Sought-After Bartering Items in Venezuela – A couple of great tips for dealing with seasonal allergies without the meds. – The many household uses for Vinegar. – FANTASTIC potato salad recipe!
Gardening, Urban Farming – Garden weed called Purslane! Great for eating, has a lot of health benefits. This article goes through them for you. – great tips for small garden space – this fella is from NZ I think (I'm going off of the plants he names), but the suggestions work well for over here in the the north. – Most nutritious veggies you can grow! – Zucchini – funny spelling for the name, but fantastic garden addition! This is a basic how to on growing zucchini and summer/winter squash. – Great tips for beginners on getting a veggie garden going. – over 20 veggie garden layout ideas – 10 tips on growing tomatoes – Tips on growing Morning Glories.
The New Religion of Science
Other Religion
Deep Dive Subject
Amber to go on about stuff – “we are all just human. No colour needed.” or “we all bleed red when we are cut” or “character, not colour, is what counts with me” – these are racist thoughts.
Wait… what?
So…. thinking that we are all just one race…. is racist….
But! Thinking that we are different… is racist…
So…. We can't seperate the whites from the blacks… but we also can't consider ourselves equal and the same…
What exactly CAN we do…?
Now, according to the current mindeset, does this mean that when my kids were younger, and their definition of ‘racism' was ‘ driving a car really really fast!' – does that mean that they were racist because they didn't know the meaning of the word?
What if we were to simply give everyone meds that removed the ability to see colour, like they did in the book we all read called “the giver”? Or, at least it WAS required reading when I was a kid. Not sure if everyone has actually read it – and if you haven't, I think you should.
That seems to be the sort of world we are heading towards.
However, things like this give me hope. 😀
From the kids!! – what does a balloon on a car sound like? This!! – what people think canadians are like vs reality – Evil Dora. >:D – how to get rid of police on your property – 2040, when masks will be nastalgic – Yes, everyone is taking the speeches made by the ‘leaders' totally seriously!! – message to doug ford – Canadian humor! – We all need an alarm clock both this cute, and this fierce.
kids sent in Rona stuffs – not funny, but interesting – Rebels against the health order ‘law' – Ingredients of the ‘vaccines' people are currently getting – Trudeau's plan lacking in plans to rebuild economy – Pfizer is coming out with a covid-19 pill. o.O; – Ottawa public health going door to door – Alberta Dad 2.0 points out the issues being caused by the lockdowns – Magnetic Shots!
Kids random conspiracy  stuff and random things – magnetic ice capp from timmies…?? – Most awesome truck ever!! Unfortunately, I keep thinking about the amount of gas it will guzzle to run. lol
Amber's general conspiracy/random things. – Compilation of magnetic shots around the world! – just an awesome twitter head thread. One guy whines about trump causing the covid, another points out why he's an idiot for doing so.
A few short clips that kinda go together from Jacob Isreal. Makes a very interesting story. play until 5:00 This video is really full of interesting information about these two eclipses that make an X over USA, the crossing point is over little egypt. Definitely recommend people go and check this video out. – play until 3:45 – amount of days between the eclipses – This video points out that the usa re-election was Dec. 14, which was also the middle eclipse of the 3 within 7 years – connects the corona with the plagues, the eclipses with the great reset, points out the similarities between the ‘7 year itch' in little egypt in usa with the eclipse – there are a lot of things going on in this video. Great if you love conspiracy theories. – bit of a blast from the past with a 30 second speech from trump. Compared to what USA has now, totally miss this guy!
Sent into Amber
The insanity get worse
lets mock the Soy – (From not the bee) Pikachu costumes NOT ALLOWED!!! All because Pikachu had a gun…. – Really really. It's from Not the Bee, but it belongs in this section. – YUP! Defunding the police TOTALLY works!! – “I can't wait until black people lynch white people!” Well.. she may get her wish with the way things are going…. – what are the powers that be truly worried about? Lack of gay characters in tv!!
The Woke Agenda
Basecamp does not go woke
Budweiser has been drinking their own piss
Well it seems bitChute is dead on arrival
***A survey from my boys school we will fill out live
The World of Finances
The Roaring 20's
Mandela Effect
The 2030 Countdown
The 2050 Countdown
Time for a Laugh
Worry about our food supply
Crazy weather Grand Solar Minimum
The Great Reset – (not the bee, but belongs here) Getting paid more to stay home than to go to work!! But Biden can't see that in the numbers…. – All about Equity! This is what we need for the great reset – people who are not qualified but who are the current definition of Diverse. – FBI raises the ‘Neo-Nazi' threat to the same level as ISIS. YUP! Great Reset is on route!! – Flaw in reform bill will cause more shootings and deaths – this is because they are trying to remove the use of tasers. So, the coppers will only be able to reach for their guns.
Methinks this is part of the great reset.
No Agenda – Moe Factz links
Space stuff
Time travel and other strange stuff
Canadian Financial news
Canadian News – Sex workers calling out to remove Human Trafficking bill in Ontario. HHmmm… seems to me more likely that the ones calling their human traffic ‘sex workers' are the ones calling out for this… though I suppose I can see their point about police hassling them more…. – Remember that shooting in Nova Scotia back in April last year? Yea – apparently it actually happened because of Gender Based Violence.
BC News – time line for the vax's is being sped up again. Now people as young as 30 are ‘being invited' to make an apt for the vax.
Canadian Censorship
USA news –  “The nation’s top colleges and universities are continuing to crack down on the diversity of thought, essentially banning conservative commencement speakers this year.” – Interesting article about Liz Cheney and her ‘beef with Trump'. – (not the bee) Looks like NY has back-pedaled on the whole ‘police free state' idea wince the crimes rates have gone WAY up. Now bill de blasio has put forth a $105 million to build a new precinct. People seem rather displeased – guess he didn't wait long enough for people to start their brains.
World News – Jerusalem Riots – May 10 = 3rd day of riots. I remember hearing when I was younger that whatever happens in Jerusalem will bleed into the rest of the world as Jerusalem is in many ways the center – it is where we come from. No idea if this is true, but I do know that the riots happening there are affecting the rest of the world whether the powers that bee will it or no.
Coppers going nuts!
Fun & Crazy
Interesting History
World Insanity
Health Concerns
Rona Gonna get you – The netherlands trained BEES to detect Covid – this is an actual thing. They have trained bees shortly after USA trained dogs to detect the covid.
Really?? – (not the bee) “Indian doctors warn against using cow poop as Covid Cure”…. Really..? – Damn! Teacher going nuts on a vaccinated highschooler who took his mask off. – Great listening to this! If you follow No Agenda, you've already heard this. Rachel Maddow is thoroughly shocked about CDC saying you can remove your masks in public, and talks about having to re-wire herself to see non masked people as not a threat. – start @ 2:30. Same info coming from Isreali News Live on
Skip ahead to 6:54.
and to 18:40.
and 21:40. – Japan expanding rona's state of emergency from 6 areas to 9 in preperation for the olympics. – Even the mainstream media is complaining about the mixed messaging!! – Drum roll please!! And now, for your pleasure and convenience, the lockdown measures will be extended (POSSIBLY) until AFTER June 21!! So far, only in the UK. Don't miss it! – Apparently Biden has a Dead Line – He wan'ts 70% of Americans vaxxed by July 4! Currently, according to CDC, about 59% have at least gotten their first shot. Now there's a deadline…. – a video from 2018 by Jacob Isreal about how the flu is getting worse.
What he says at the beginning sounds kinda like what the mainstream sounds like now.
The Bee
Not The Bee – Interesting short video from 11 years ago that connects corresponds with issues going on today. – Honestly, I could do with a little more explanation on this…? – Disney teaches their staff just how racist they are!!!! Not Disney, the staff! Welcome to the wokest place on earth!! – whoops!! NY state lawmaker showed her cards with this Jew Free Middle East map. – (turn sound off, it sounds like old school internet connection the whole time) See? this is why vaping is better. 😄 – deep sea fish washed up on a California beach. Just really cool to see it intact and on shore. – 3 college girls were suspended from school due to putting up a social media picture of them not wearing masks, outside of campus. Wow…..
The Digital Tracking Age
In Other news
Websites for informationn
Global Warming News Site
Scammers Gonna Scam
The big weekly email scam I see.
Global Warming News Site

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