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Empty Shelves are Here!! You Need to Know This Now to Survive!

Empty Shelves are Here!! You Need to Know This Now to Survive!
Come on in out of the dark, settle down by the fire, have a drink and fall down some rabbit holes with us
Episode 43 of Shooting The Shit at the Rogues Tavern
Tavern Talk Oct-19-2021
This week we have tips for Growing food, Preparing Your Garden, Surviving Food Shortages and some deep dark rabbit holes.
Helping you prepare what will you need to survive the upcoming calamities.
The Storm is coming and you need to prepare for what it will bring. Solar storms, Colder Weather, The New Normal, Mandela Effect, Prepare for Your Future NOW
As it was in the old west The Saloon/Tavern was the center of the community where everything got done.
Time for the Spirituality
What if the Bible is not just a history but a warning of the cycles of the planet and since we are living in the conjunction of multiple cycles coming together all at once and it is full of warnings.
Today's reading is from Spiritual reading is from  2 Corinthians 13:1-15
Todays special video
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Show covers #currentevents all types of #homesteading from cooking to urban farming and gardening. We will be talking about the future of what The Rogues Tavern is and will become. We will be talking about cooking recipes what will be available at website and more..
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I want to acknowledge The No Agenda Show the providers of inspiration and stolen sound clips .
Building a #UrbanForrest, Getting out camping, #Hunting trips to the Range and coming home to the city is what I do right now as I plan and create my future. Join me for the Journey into the unknown.
This is a journey I have been on for a while and I feel I need to share it in the hope that others will find some wisdom.
Our agenda is to talk about about how to protect you and yours in the coming years of trial that we are faced with.  You can read all the complete show notes at The Rogues Tavern and they include all the links we talk about during the show and more.
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John and Amber's Collaboration
Gardening/Urban Farming
  • Planting, Growing, Harvesting Tips
Growing Shallots: How to plant shallots in fall – worth checking out if you are planning on planting and growing these!
5 ways to keep pumpkins from rotting – Both Carved and Un-Carved.
Saving Gladiolas – Depending upon where you live, you may be able to simply overwinter these in the ground. Take a look at the article to find out more!
Deer resistant bulbs! – Great article going through the various fall bulbs to put out for spring flowers, pointing out which ones the deer will avoid.
Mulching your garden – Not only how to mulch, but also the positives and negatives for it.
How to overwinter plants in your garden – Perennials, Tropicals, Herbs, Roses – a great list and easy to follow how to.
Plant hardiness zones in Canada and USA – this can be a very useful graph to take a look at when planning what and when to plant, and whether or not to try overwintering certain plants.
Crop Rotation 101: tips for vegetable gardens – great basic run down whether this is your first year or your 5th – always good to go over basics! 🙂
  • Random Garden Things
How do birds know when to migrate? – Pretty interesting article – apparently Godwit Birds fly for 8 days straight every seasonal change from Alaska to New Zealand! Really cool.
How to get rid of bad smells – Useful for when your kids have spilled milk on their bedroom floor – even though aren't allowed to have drinks and food in there…..
Best ways to use fall leaves in the garden – If you are still bagging up your leaves and chucking them out- check this our first!
Home Preps
  • Cooking and Recipes
Blue Ribbon Pumpkin Pie – Always worth trying out something that has won a Blue Ribbon. ^_^ Also, Pumpkin Pie.
15 favourite Pumpkin Recipes! – ‘Cause, pumpkin!
Peanut Brittle Recipe – For those that like this stuff.
Easy ways to bake, roast, and puree pumpkin – Pretty awesome and simple things. Perhaps buying a few pumpkins just for storage may be a good idea this year!
Mulled Apple Cider – This is very similar to my own recipe! Mine has brown sugar added, but it is also a recipe designed for kids.  Enjoy!
  • Worry about our food supply
Americans Are Going To Be Absolutely Shocked By The Empty Shelves That They See
Global supply chains and markets disrupted leading to backlogs of cargo ships at key ports – In the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in Southern California, there were dozens of cargo ships waiting for their turn to unload goods. This was October 10, 2021. 87 container ships of the two ports that day. twenty-seven ships in berths, 60 waiting. This is also going on in New York, New Jersey, Georgia, and Texas. There have also been similar reports from China's Yantian port, ports in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.
Seafood Shortage in BC: it's more complex than just overfishing insiders say – Really, it's down to exporting in my opinion after reading this. This article talks about allllll the things that are causing a seafood shortage, and ways to make sure that you are able to get your freezer stalked! The DFO also seems to have a hand in the shortage though – closing things down and changing the rules without warning.
Swine Flu Out Break In USA Since July 2021 – Yup! It's been in the USA since this last summer. Started out in China, has killed 1/4, possibly 1/2 of the pigs belonging to the worlds largest pork producer. No risk in passing to humans – but certainly a risk for human food supply. Kind of feeling like we are in a pot of water that is slowly heating up to cook us – also, if swine flu is not contagious to humans, why were we all supposed to get the vax 11 years ago for it…?
  • Stocking/Storage
50 Survival Uses For Salt
10 Long Shelf-Life Canned Foods Every Prepper Should Consider Stockpiling
11 Meat Processing Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now
Fall Foraging: Connecting with Nature – This is a great basic guide to foraging in the fall! Things like Wild Rose Hips, which taste great and have A LOT of vitamin C! And, they seem to grow EVERYWHERE.
  • Health Prep
Medicinal Kitchen Herbs (6 Herbs You Should Grow)
9 common causes of fatigue and how to beat them – Mainly things most of us already know, but worth taking a look at!
  • Wild Medcines
Similar to Morphine: The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in Your Backyard
Natural remedies to relieve coughs – As well as an old folk remedy involving dirt.
  • Other Tips
Potassium Permanganate: Why You Need It in Your Survival Kit?
  • Crazy weather Grand Solar Minimum
Just random happy videos!
Wokeism is a form of Mental Illness – This makes me so happy to see! Best explanation for this theory ever: ‘mental illness is at its core a disconnection from reality.' Joy Pullmann noted that mental illness has many parallels with leftism, which she defines in part as an ideology that declares a ‘war on reality' and a ‘war on nature'. Awesome video of her being on the ‘Stu Does America' show. You can read Joy Pullman's article here.
What to do if SHTF Happens
Good Night Left Nut
Survival after SHTF
No Satellite phone? Use your regular phone soon! – This is pretty awesome! Soon, according to Lynk, you might be able to use a typical smartphone as a satellite phone! So perhaps there IS a reason to put a cell phone away in that Faraday Box you have! They aren't quite there yet, though this is certainly something worth keeping an eye on!
Rona Gonna Get Ya
Canada covic stats
Videos out of China – No guarantee these videos are all from 2021, but some of them absolutely are. Freaky shit coming down the pike – this has already started in Australia.
Israeli News Live bringing on doctors of all kinds – Start this video at 14:44 – this doctor, Dr. Shawn Brooks PHD from Oxford, repeats what the creator of the MRNA vax says. He has, until now, been a total main stream doctor who took all his vax's, encouraged everyone to take their flu vax – but he is saying this about this new vax.
Dan Bongino threatens to walk if his shows distributor continues with its vax mandate – He's got a lot of sway with a lot of people out there – the fact that he is standing up is going to get him cancelled, possibly killed – but he is going to get a lot more people to start thinking.
Entertaining video of Biden forgetting his mask, putting it on, than taking it off again. – Few other videos as well, but the last one is the best.
Canadian Dad “you don't own our children, our children are not your live stock” – Hockey Leagues for kids in Canada are now requiring the kids to get the vax, and they are not accepting religious exemptions.
Oregon administrative agency ‘mistakenly' released vax stats of more than 40,000 state employees to news organizations – the sender afterwards sent them a redacted version – but the damage was already done. The news organizations didn't report the personal information – but really, was that personal information really ‘accidentally' released? I think there is more at play here. Also, the guy apologized, and that's all that was needed…????
The Great Reset   .   .  .
  • Things showing the emergence of The Great Reset
Uh Oh, They Strapped a Sniper Rifle to a Robot Dog
Empty Shelves, Severe Shortages And Widespread Crop Failures Are Ahead In The Fall Of 2021
Now We Are Being Warned That A “Recession” Could Be Coming During The “Dark Winter” That Is Ahead
Beef Will Now Be A “Luxury Product”, And Cheap Chicken Dinners “Are Coming To An End”
The Global Energy Crisis Is Going To Take “The Everything Shortage” To An Entirely New Level
China launched a long range missile that circled the earth once – Not only did they take the USA completely by surprise, but they managed to get this thing around the earth once in low orbit, missing its target by only 12 miles. This is a little startling….
Nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles being created not just by China – but Russia and USA are as well. China was just the first with a successful trial… and the spokespeople for the military and government have no idea how it happened. That's totally reassuring….
Another one bites the dust! – State Trooper signs off with ‘Gov. Jay Inslee can kiss my ass'. Another good one vanishes, because of the mandated vax.
Left isn't even trying to hide it anymore – Lumping in all conservatives with conspiracy theorists, admitting that reporters like Katie Couric are editing exchanges in interviews in order to ‘protect' the interviewee – so long as that person is on the ‘right side'. Pelosi stating to the media ‘Well I think you all could do a better job of selling, to be very frank with you' when speaking about the new bill the government is bringing forth.
Planeloads of underage migrants being relocated under the cover of darkness by Biden Admin – Not sure what to make of this – I wonder whats going on there??
  • Science the new religion (Maybe Covid will be the name of the new god)
  • Other religion
  • Finance stuff
  • Censorship/re-writing of the facts
Go Woke Go Broke
That 90's show to come! – Dear Gods…. and I'll bet it's all about how horrible we were in the 90's, and how much ‘better off' society is now compared to the 90's! Though I may be interested in watching it if they have typical 90's drunk punks. That would be fun to watch!
The Amount of Stupid in the World for this to happen
Should British Columbia change its name? As we reckon with history, some say it's time
Collaboration on Conspiracy things
  • Mandala Effect
  • Other Strange Stuff
The Otter Revolution is coming to a head!! – Otters have been reported to be attacking people and pets in some of Alaska's most popular outdoor areas!! Probably not much longer until the Otter Revolution makes it down our way! Carry a couple of tins of sardines with you when out for a walk near where otters play – open the can, chuck it at them, and book it!
Israeli News Live video starts with talking about La Palma, and the worry that the island will crack and split in half, and cause a tsunami – and than moves onto the talking about how this vax is to change the human DNA to make us more capable of interfacing with the aliens that are planning on taking over our planet.
Canadian News
BC to extend cap on on food delivery fees until end of year – which means that the gov will pay 5% on all delivery fees and costs associated with it – apparently to help out businesses. I personally think it is to keep the population from rising up in protest at not being able to get their foodenings. Keep the masses calm as possible while you strategically take it all over…
  • Financial
  • Election 2021
  • BC News
News Around The World (Name the country, than add the link)
Scotland – Explosion in Gorse Park, Kincaidston – Not sure why this explosion happened, other than that people are going nuts all around the world.
Afghanistan – Taliban are now putting dead bodies on public display in Kabul – to teach a lesson. Apparently there are a total of 4 dead bodies hung up around town, all of whom were shot and killed while the Taliban were rescuing a father and son from a kidnapping of these 4….
USA – Texas Gov. Abbot says he'll rehire any border agents canned by Biden, promises “they can bring their horses too” – apparently Biden is canning all his border agents recently, which I didn't catch. Buy Texas is more than happy to recruit them to help secure their border!
ALSO – Abbott is being called a racist 'cause he would like to rehire the border agents….
Australia – Coppers are given guns and riot gear and tanks to subdue citizens not wearing a mask – Of course it's for your own good…. This is what we can likely expect this next winter here in the west.
There is a video towards the bottom of a hijab woman who let a bit of her hair show, and was beaten for it by the moral police – when you think about it, it's really not all that different….
La Palma – Watch as lava engulfs the church spire in Todoque – the eruption has stopped for now, but experts say it's going to keep going.
USA – Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee says: Border is ‘sovereign and secure' – while as of sep. 29th a total of 1,323,597 illegal immigrants have crossed the border. Great videos taken showing the seemingly endless rivers of immigrants crossing the river into Texas.
Black National Anthem debate – Bill Maher makes a good point about how we are going back to segregation – colleges sometimes now have two different graduation ceremonies for black and white, separate dorms… so now there is talk about a separate national anthem.
In Other News
Websites for informationn
Global Warming News Site
Time for a Laugh!
Last week marked the start of “Fat Bear Week” up in Alaskan national Park! – People started taking bets last week on which bear would gain the most weight. lol!
Attendees at British Music Festival's pee may have poisoned the local water supply – you see, the attendees were so loaded up on drugs that by pissing in the woods nearby, they may have actually contaminated the local water supply!! Go Glastonbury!! Traces of Coke and MDMA were found in the water – so I guess people will be more productive and really happy for a while!
Parody that accurately depicts more people than I would like to admit – we have all come across at least on in person, and see them often on the tely.
John's Beat
Global Warming News Site
  • Deep Dive/Passion subject for the week
Have Tall Gray alien leaders just been captured by the Galactic Federation?
Were Facebook & Social Media Blackouts due to Capture of Tall Gray Aliens?
  • Digital Tracking Age
  • Scammers Gonna Scam
  • 2030 Countdown
  • 2050 Countdown
  • No Agenda/Moe Factz
good memes here
  • Interesting History
  • The Bee
CDC Reminds People To Listen To All Medical Professionals Except For The Tens Of Thousands Who Refused The Vaccine
Amber's Beat
  • Pet Peeve of The Week–Deep Dive/Passion subject for the week
Woman raped on train, bystanders did nothing – apparently, those writing about it have to put ‘allegedly raped' in order to cover their asses.
This woman was raped by a man who followed her onto the train – from what I can tell the guy didn't have a gun or a knife, he just raped her.
And the people standing around did nothing – this is what living in fear of this stupid virus is doing. It's making people so afraid of absolutely everything, that they won't even try and help a woman who is literally  being raped by some random homeless fella on a god damned public train.
What were they afraid of? getting sick? getting dirty? being attacked themselves? Another problem with everyone today – they are all sheep. Where the hell are the shepherds? Oh right, the shepherds can't get onto trains or anything, because all the shepherds are refusing the vax.
It took an employee of the rail to see what was going on, and ring the police himself. This guy is just as disgusted as I am. If ONE person had stood up, more would have followed, and this girl could have been saved from being brutally raped in public – but instead, nothing was done.
This truly disgusts me. I suppose there is also the thought of ‘better her than me'. I hope everyone who didn't do a damned thing about this have a lot of mirrors in their life, so that they have to look at their own faces and see their own failure to help someone.
  • Random Conspiracy stuffs
Synthetic ‘everywhere chemicals' linked to premature death – these are found in everything from soaps, shampoos and conditioners, to childs toys and mats. I doubt that this is a new discovers – I personally think that this was a well kept secret until recently, an easy way to get people to die off sooner.
    • Aliens
    • Space Stuff
Bizarre radio waves coming from the center of the Milky Way Baffling Scientists – I think this is exciting! ^_^ Seeing as every planet has a sound that comes from it, that planets ‘song', maybe we are starting to hear the ‘song' of Planet X as it gets closer?
Mercury in Retrograde from Sep. 27 to Oct. 17 – very useful to have these dates on hand!
Navigating The Night Sky – Love looking at things like this!
Is that a UFO?? NO! It's Jupiter!! NO! It's Venus!! – Jupiter and Venus causing confusion again.
Night Sky for October – Love the night sky in October!! 🙂
Full Moon Calander – Everyone loves a beautiful full moon!!
    • Other
4 ways Canadian Thanksgiving is different from American Thanksgiving – this article actually makes us Canadians sound pretty chill and awesome! ^_^
    • Tech stuff
    • Other wierd stuff
  • The insanity of the new ‘right' message
CNN commentator torches CNN over Joe Rogan taking ivermectin – Pretty awesome when someone torches their own network over the BS coverage – though Mary Katharine Ham still stated that the vax should be taken, she is also calling out CNN over their bullshit coverage. I'm not sure how this will go for her though – how long until she is cancelled?
Entrapment at its best these days – kinda reminds me of witch hunts back in the day with the questioning going on – also, reminds me a lot of the end of the book 1984 when the guy is being questioned….
The Bee predicted it – now it has come to pass! Introducing: Genderless Lego's! – you know… The Bee really isn't supposed to actually be predicting crap – they are supposed to be making jokes!!!
Airlines no longer use ‘Ladies and Gentleman' in an attempt to be more inclusive – 'cause you might offend someone… use ‘dear guests', or ‘everyone' instead when addressing the passengers… yea…
  • Fighting against CRT and Over Sexulization! YEA!
Moms For Liberty – A great group that has started up to help you be more aware of what this new version of sex ed has, how to opt out, whether or not you are able to opt out, and really just there to help you out if you don't agree with pre-k through grade 6 learning about hormone blockers, the various positions of sex, oral, etc.
‘Dear White People' showrunner quits 'cause of trans jokes – And now everyone is finding out that a black show was made and run by a white woman – who was once a man, who is boycotting a black man – this is popcorn worthy!!
  • The Roaring 20's vs today
  • Interesting/well written articles found while scouring the net for info
  • Not The Bee
Kids Beat
  • Tik Toks!
Self Defense with Big Marla – whack a weener!
Name one thing that is not sexualized – actually harder than you would think
Canadian Airforce – these guys are seriously vicious!
  • Tik Tok News Around The World
  • Whiny teen trying to use logic

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